German vet Dr. Carsten Plischke used his son’s LEGO brick and wheel leftovers to create a device that would make life for this poor little tortoise a lot easier.

The tortoise, named Blade, was brought to the vet‘s office after his owner Iris Peste noticed he couldn‘t hold himself up anymore. Apparently, aside from other health issues, Blade’s legs were weakened due to a growth disorder. Fortunately, Blade won’t need this “wheelchair“ for long, as it will only assist him till he gets strong enough to walk on his own again.

For more details about this brilliant fix, Bored Panda asked Dr. Plischke about his work. Read on below!

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There are so many animal species, you can’t get the ‘equipment’ to be used for every species to buy,” Dr. Carsten Plischke told Bored Panda. “You have to look around for what could be a satisfying solution for helping an animal.

He is moving very well and ‘cruising around.’ Blade is doing fine and now goes straight to hibernation with his two sisters. In Europe (Greece)where his home is/was, turtles ‘sleep’ for about half a year, usually from October up to the end of March/April

Blade is now sleeping without his wheelchair/rollerblades – like we go to bed without our shoes

In spring when he awakes we’ll have a look what happend during winter – and make a new decision

When asked whether his son had an issue handing over his LEGOs, Dr. Plischke said, “That is not really a problem for him, of course he gets new toys and wheels. He is used to it already, Blade is not the first turtle we ‘treated’ like this, but the first which got worldwide famous like it.”