Tim Marsh has been running around on our planet since the ’80s. Ever since he was little, he had an interest in extreme sports, roller-skating. In a later phase, he even practiced Capoeira (Brazilian martial arts). His professional career has been a whirlwind combination of creative skills: Defining trends for clothing brands, collaborations in fashion magazines, graffiti & street art, and so on. All these activities have their influence on the art he creates today. From tribal motives to childhood memories, illustrative animals, dynamic but geometric forms and patterns… It’s all in there, a street art style he can now call his own.

His colorful paintings provoke a theatrical mood taking in a palette of retro-style vivid colors which he applies with spray cans, paint, and markers. The wall murals he creates are made by a mixture of techniques, something he has picked up during the years. He created a certain workflow that never stops evolving, an experiment that goes on… In the end, no wall or canvas is safe, but neither are objects such as surfs and skateboards.

The street artist usually works from inspiration. This makes his graffiti art a little more exciting and fun, with the concept of it being ‘from the heart’ and not something that was created with the intent of exactly copying it on a wall. Working around a certain theme always works best.

Collaborations are never far from home. Spraying walls with other artists or bringing ideas to life with certain brands is just much more fun. Even if it’s just for a moment, you can already learn so much from just working together with that other person, or creating a concept around a certain idea.

Next up in his master plan: paint a building on a large scale. Like, gigantic large. Are you up for that?

More info: t-marsh.com | Facebook | Instagram

Riding Elephant

Winter is coming


Geometrical Acrobatics

Geometrical Acrobatics 2

Now you see me

Tim Marsh x Mr M

Cycling Bear

Peace Point

Tim mars x Ives One

Geometrical Acrobatics 3

Space whale – Molito Pool (Paris)

Surf 1

Surf 2

Surf 3

Surf 4

Surf 5

Surf 6

the Ballerilla



Fast and Furry-ous

The Lazy Flamingo

Sweet tiny bear

Another kind of canvas

The (not so) Dark Side

Time Bandits


The Monkey King

Nailed it

Screw this

The Happy Elephant

Serenade in paris

The broken Skateboard


Tim Marsh x Molitor