As a science and interesting gadgets lover, this small project from Georgia caught my eye. Imagine nearest future of our planet Earth being bare, free of any kind of a green cover. No oxygen, no chance to breathe outside the hermetically shut areas. People using bunch of different breathing gadgets, fresh air masks and portable oxygen containers just like in games or movies. This future is much closer than we anticipated. Treepex founders offer quite ambitious possibility of “breathing your own forest”.

This project looks like the first outcry to the problem that everyone seems to forget about. Two entrepreneurs from Tbilisi, Georgia, Lasha and Bacho felt that imaginable future is actually quite closer to us than we think, when it comes to current situation of global deforestation and massive process of air pollution. Recently they launched a campaign of their new product Treepex – A pocket-device, which transforms polluted air into clean, fresh air. They extract the DNA of actual trees to recreate living cells that are responsible for photosynthesis and compress them into the cartridge. It claims the effect of thousands leaves being squeezed into the small gadget. if you are into science you can deep dive into the details here (