Some time ago I have read that one famous photographer has done photo shoots of stray animals. His main focus was on raising people’s awareness so that these animals could find their home faster. At that moment I thought that it is a brilliant idea and if I could be a photographer I would definitely want to help animals by doing so.

Later, I went to study photography and came back to this idea.

I wanted to contact an animal shelter to offer my help, but had a fear of being rejected due to not having enough practice as a photographer.

Then I thought – «Universe, give me a sign», as I didn’t know from where to start and how to begin doing what I wanted to do.

Once I came across Cat Care Community’s webpage and saw that one of the ways how I can contribute to helping cats is by doing photography. Before I used to help them by donating money.

At that moment I thought that this is exactly the sign I was asking for lately.

I wrote them a message and has been accepted to become a part of Cat Care Community as a photographer.

I had a strong will to make photos that would show the individuality and uniqueness of every cat. I wanted to give these photos a home-like atmosphere so that people could imagine that certain cat at their house. The reason why I thought it could be more effective is that usually animal shelters are posting photos where animals are frightened or look aggressive. In my opinion, this animal has fewer chances of obtaining home.

I consider that posting and sharing photos of animals where they look happy is much more pleasant.

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Sue Knerl 7 months ago

Love the lovely green eyes.




Andreea Popescu 7 months ago

I admire so much what you are doing!!! I love cats and all of them should have a nice home where they are taken care of. Keep up the good work! :D

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