We've all been caught in an uncomfortable situation that looked weird on the outside but actually had a pretty reasonable explanation. Too bad, that often these experiences are so awkward for all the people involved that you don't even have an opportunity to explain yourself. A Reddit user asked people to share their 'biggest this isn't what it looks like moments' and the thread was flooded with the most embarrassing stories. Scroll below to read some and share your own in the comments! (Facebook cover image: iStock)



My new neighbor told me about a house fire in his old neighborhood. It was fall, and he and his family were roasting marshmallows in their fireplace when they heard the firetruck siren. They ran outside and saw the emergency vehicles a few houses down in front of their neighbor's house. They ran down the street toward the crowd. As they stood with the crowd watching the house burn they were getting nasty looks. It was then he realized they were still holding the roasting sticks with marshmallows on them.

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Night Owl 1 month ago


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More of a "this isnt what it sounds like"...

A family we were close to had just moved to the US from India. They had a young daughter, like 5 years old, who was still learning English. One day she fell down the stairs while playing outside. She ran in crying and saying "The stairs hit me!"... once she calmed down her dad corrected her and said "No no. You mean to say 'I fell down the stairs'."

A few days later my dad was showing them the grocery store. In the checkout line the cashier saw the girl's bruised up legs and asked what happened. The daughter responded with "What did you tell me to say, dad? Oh right! I fell down the stairs."

He had a fun time explaining that to the police.

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Blakkur Sverrir 1 month ago

Reminds me of that time when my 3 year old didnt want to enter his car seat after we were shopping. Out of nowhere he shouted "You are not my parrents!".... while we were trying to get this child in our car against his will.... Lucky for us nobody else was around. Right now (6 years old) he is putting DVDs back on the shelf, and calls everything thats not an animated movie an"adult-movie"

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It was my third day at my new office job. When I washed my hands my pants touched the counter top which was covered with water. Naturally I now look like I pissed myself and had a giant 6 by 6 soaked area around my crotch. I couldnt walk around with that so I thought to use the hand dryer. However, the hand dryer was the type that you stick your hands in rather under. So I line up and basically mount this hand dryer like I am looking for a good time. I look at myself in the mirror and as I start thinking "this wont look good if..." and of course the CIO walks in before I could finish the thought and react. He looks at me and in deadpan voice says "Do I need to call HR?" to which I responded "No, its consensual." We had a good laugh about it and he never let me forget that moment!

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Night Owl 1 month ago

Good thing he was a good sport about it. It could've gone differently.

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This is one of my moms absolute favorite stories to tell:

My partner and I were in a kind of long distance relationship at this point (high schoolers living 40mins apart) and they would occasionally drive up after school to come see me

On this particular day my mom came home from work and was concerned with the lack of sound.

I hear her calling my name as she comes closer, she eventually gets to my closed bedroom door not wanting to see what I’m sure every parent would expect by this point

She swings it open and finds my partner and I

.....putting together our brand new Millennium Falcon (full size for action figures) that we had just purchased from Toys R us

My dog kept stepping on the pieces and messing things up in his dopiness so we closed the door

After that she never worried about us being alone.

Honestly think this might be the moment where my mom decided she wanted to adopt my partner.

Sometimes, I’m not sure who she loves more....... s/

Btw - My partner and I got married this year and we still have that Millennium Falcon

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MJ 1 month ago

Reminds me of a story of my own, and it was exactly what it looked like. I lived by myself, and was working as a cook. I worked 12 hours a day, with one day off a week. So my mom cleaned my appartement, did the laundry, filled the fridge and so on. So one day, the restaurant was closed on a different day, because of some holiday. So my mom comes in on her usual day, that I'm suppose to be working, finding me and gf who spend the night, being "busy". I completely forgot she was coming. My mom left the key on the table, and said "she can take care of you from now on". Twenty years later, my mom still doesn't really like my gf...

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I used to take my kids to different playgrounds as they were growing up. Often times I'd be out there with them, chasing them, being the random monster/dragon/antagonist while they run away and then eventually turn around and chase me back. Inevitably since the rest of the parents were on their iPhones or doing anything but interacting with their kids, I'd end up with a collection who wanted to join in the fun.

It was all going well until they said they wanted to play "Minecraft"

So as a group of kids suddenly scatter from where I am standing yelling "Ah! Run away from the Creeper! Ahhh!" I look up to see a line of parents suddenly jostled back into consciousness with absolutely no friggin context whatsoever.

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Person2638 1 month ago

I would love to play with you and your gang, even though I'm seventeen lol

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Anytime I open a can that isn't cat food I have to explain to my cat that "this isn't what it looks like."

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Ryo Bakura 1 month ago

My cat thinks I'm going to feed her after she's just eaten. This is typical cat behaviour.

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My dad not me. Working construction in the dead of winter he gets back to the motel after pulling the night shift, he sits down on the bed and he is so frozen can't bend down to take off his boots so his coworker who is a gigantic man gets down on his knees to undo my dad's boots. The cleaning lady barges in to see a massive man on his knees and head down in front of another man who's sitting on the edge of a bed. Now my father did what anyone would do threw his hands behind his head and moaned real loud.

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Nadja Lambacher 1 month ago

your dad is my hero.

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I work as a manager at a grocery store. Some cashiers aren’t old enough to scan alcohol so I have to do it for them. I made a comment to a female cashier after the 4th time she called me over. “I can’t wait until you’re 19.” Took me a few seconds to realize what I said, in front of customers.

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Jo Choto 1 month ago

Oh, I bet the customers loved that one!

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I used to work security/reception at my company, so I greeted everyone when they came in the door and made sure they were wearing their security badge. You could either wear your badge on a lanyard around your neck or on a retractable belt clip.

So I've been doing this job for like 2 years when I'm outside talking to some of the girls that work on the 2nd floor. One of them just flat out asks why I always check out women when they come in to visit.

Excuse me?

Turns out, there was a lot of talk about how I was "looking women up and down" when they came through the door. Well, I was looking everyone up and down. I would look at their chest first and if there was no badge there, my eyes would move to their belt. It was kind of my job and stuff.

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Ryo Bakura 1 month ago

Glad to see you recovered from your ordeal, Happy, and that you seem to have survived Thanos' Infinity Snap.

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I will preface this by saying a couple of weeks prior to this, my wife had bought some frilly underwear on clearance sale, and a couple of bananas to eat on the way to work. I was chilling in the car at the store while she went in when I smelled nasty over-ripe bananas. I reached into the backseat and pulled out the bag that had been forgotten back there. I take the underwear out of the bag and tie the old banana up dog poo style. No big deal, right?

For whatever reason, my brain goes I wonder if these brand new underwear now reek of old squishy banana? and I put them to my nose and take a big whiff- right as a sweet old lady pulls into the parking spot in front of our car. She looks at me, panties pressed into my nose inhaling deeply, her eyes go wide with shock, and visibly shaking, she pulls back out of the spot and drives away. Literally leaves. Shopping trip cancelled. I know I had to look like some kind of degenerate pervert on a public minge-binge, but it wasn't what it looked like.

TLDR: Looked like a dirty panty sniffing weirdo in the grocery store parking lot, nearly make old lady stroke out in horror

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Night Owl 1 month ago

So did they reek of old squishy banana? Also: poor old lady

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