Ever since I was little I had a very vivid imagination. I loved drawing characters living in a fantasy world of fairies, elves and magic. When I learned to be a metal smith I could finally create the jewelry I had dreamed about for these characters – a necklace for a powerful queen, a ring for a brave king, an ear cuff for an elf.

I make statement jewelry but also more delicate pieces you can wear every day but still feel unique and different with them.

Photographer: Marina Moshkovich Chris; model: Esti Binyamin; makeup: Roza Shwartsman.

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This is an elven forest leaves cartilage earring

A celtic ear cuff for a beautiful elf

This will make you fly

The king’s ring

Perfect to wear at a wedding!

This helix is inspired by the architecture of Cathedrals

Perfect for a woodland wedding