In the Bear’s Land there is a place where people offered a unique feeling to their village, Ciocanesti. Undoubtedly, this is the most underrated artistic village in the world.

Ciocanesti is situated in the Northern part of Romania and it is known for the traditional way of living here. People from this village tried to make their place different, so they put the art everywhere. You can find here geometrical paintings on the walls of every house, painted eggs, Romanian traditional clothing or traditional wave towels. And all of these are handmade with love and a lot of patience.

Everyone feels the art in Ciocanesti. The tradition of painting eggs is learned by children since their kindergarten. Every new-built house must have a traditional pattern painted on the walls.

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Every pattern represents a mark of the family living in this house

This house, built in 1968, has its own different pattern.

Every house from this village has its own traditional pattern

Every familly creates a different pattern which is painted on the walls of their house.

This is only an usual house in Ciocanesti

New buildings must have a traditional pattern painted

In 2004, the Local Authorities had ordered that every new build house must have a traditional pattern. In this way, they are trying to save the old customs of Ciocanesti.

People from Ciocanesti paint eggs for Easter

This is a handmade painted ostrich egg. And it is for sale at the National Museum of Painted Eggs in Ciocanesti.

These are two painted chicken eggs

Also these eggs are exposed in the National Museum of the Painted Eggs in Ciocanesti.

This is the first house with painted walls in Ciocanesti

In 1950, Leontida painted her house for the first time in the history of Ciocanesti.

The pattern of the first painted house

Leontida carved the wall to make this pattern. After carving, she painted the shape and she obtained this beautiful pattern.

This is one of the most beautiful old houses in Ciocanesti

An old house with an unique pattern. And with an amazing view.

The Ethnographic Museum of the Village is also full of art

Romanian traditional clothes and an unique painted pattern are making the Museum a must-see objective

This image also shows that The Ethnographic Museum is full of art

This is a handmade weave towel

Women from Ciocanesti use to weave towels, blankets and carpets.

The Police Station in Ciocanesti is also painted with a traditional pattern