I’ve been following Karolina Zebrowska for quite some time and it never ceases to amaze me how she adapts different eras and decades, with the same result every time – looking like she stepped out of a fashion history book. Doesn’t matter if it’s the 1740s, the 1810s or the 1920s – looking at her creations, you’re always instantly taken back in time.

Karolina makes her own costumes, often using inexpensive materials, such as bedsheets, fleece blankets and cardboard, to recreate authentic silhouettes and styles. Not only does she sew pretty dresses, but also pays attention to what happened underneath – all the petticoats, crinolines, bustles, pads and corsets.

She’s mainly interested in 19th and 20th century, but has done some 18th century costumes as well.

1740s riding habit

1770s robe a l’anglaise

1780s robe a l’anglaise

1800 Greek style dress

1817 ball gown

1820s day dress

1840s day dress

1840s riding habit

Photo: Kris Renoir

1850s blouse + skirt set

1860s summer dress

Photo: Paulina Manterys

1870s ball gown

1880s day dress

1890s outfit

Styled after John Singer Sargent’s painting. Photo: Malgorzata Maj/Sarachmet

1895 winter attire

1900 summer dress

1920s flapper style dress

1930s blouse + skirt set

1940s blouse + skirt set