The trend of Cosplay has gained a huge volume rapidly all over the world. With the increase of internet and many social media platforms, cosplayers have reach to masses without limits and with minimal efforts. It has almost become an art form.

Cosplayers of Pakistan are not so far behind in the race. The cosplay community is positively growing in the country with the help of comic conventions being held with sturdy speed and reasonable intervals.

I started cosplaying in events in February 2015 and have been gradually gaining the pace at this art form. Being a graphic designer, I found no hurdle planning for my cosplays, but being a husband and a father, it’s not an easy task.

Unfortunately I did not receive so much encouragement since it was a “new thing”; almost a taboo, and not everyone knew about it. Deciding it to do so, I was on my own. My older son, then 2, was accompanied with me forcefully by my wife. I was reluctant because I thought it would be difficult for me to carry a 2yo around for so many hours and also for him to mingle in and get tired early. Even though, I put him in his batsuit (without the mask as he refused to wear it) and drove off home, and…it changed everything.

Today I am one of the most known cosplayer in the country. Despite throwing some awesome and close-to-character cosplays, main reason for my fame is totally different. It’s my son who was forcefully sent out with me to the con. People almost freaked out finding out that there is a father with his son…cosplaying.

Since then, we both have done some awesome work. People still get amazed with what we do; in fact my son Zauraiz is more famous in the community than me. With the addition of another son in the family in November 2016, it didn’t take long for me to add him to our team. Though, I have offered my wife to join in as well, her decision is still pending under her domestic duties of a pure housewife. Both my sons hold the title of “The Youngest Cosplayer of Pakistan” with Haisam (the younger one) breaking his older brother record at the age of 18 hours (can anyone confirm if he qualified for the world record? :D ) but his first official public display of cosplay was at the age of 2 months.

Later, I started a facebook page Dad and Sons Cosplayers (, posted some pictures of our cosplays and started to receive very positive responses. I kept on involving my son for many great reasons. It has definitely brought out a creative side of him, while he is too timid naturally, he is a living character while he is wearing it, and it boosted his confidence to the max. It helps me tell my sons that it takes huge effort to achieve our goals, but in it, lay our deepest satisfactions.

Too many parents are reluctant to put their children in art, some think it’s not worthy, some think it doesn’t pay off, I say nothing pays off well until you do it better, and you can only do it better if you like doing it, otherwise there is no point. Cosplay may not pay, but it teaches us so many things, above all, it teaches us creativity, which can’t be learned from a school easily.

Recently, I have relatively seen more parents attending cons with their young lads, even infants, and it makes me happy to the core when someone tells me they were motivated by my work and when they ask me questions and show their interest in their children’s participation. It’s even more exciting when we are the reason behind their initiative.

Although I have seen many young children coming to these events with their parents but I have yet to see a father-son cosplay duo, only then, I would feel that maybe I’m setting a new trend of defying parenting stereotypes. Yet, I’ll keep doing my bit.

I hope you enjoy our cool cosplays in the pictures below. Please reach out to us and send us a message, we will be extremely obliged.

P.S. Let your children decide their own future. Be their guide, not their god.

More info:

Haisam as Smurf, just 18 hours after birth. Hater will say it’s photoshopped

Our first cosplay ever and my favorite duo of characters

Batman is so kind

As Hitman and Cowboy

Me as Hitman

One of our best work. Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick Star

Officially, The Youngest Cosplayer of Pakistan, Haisam Khan as Flash

Basically the mask was irritating a 2 months old

Z as Harry Potter at the latest Harry Potter official book launch

Me as Joker (Suicide Squad version)

Another one of our best works yet, me as Generator Rex and Z as Agent 6

So Z finally decided to put on the mask at age 4

Joker and Batman