We as a whole thinks about the stunning canine Hachiko who sits tight for his proprietor until he passes on. The most touching story a person ever heard or seen. Japan Make this statue in the honor of this stunning canine at Shibuya Station. As of late a feline is seen resting under the statue. The feline got the consideration of many people groups and some say’s The feline visits regularly here.

Many Reddit users gave their opinions about the cat. Some say’s the saw this cat near Hachiko statue visits often. While It Later discovers that the cat is put here by the owner to gain tourist Interests. Don’t care what the reason is. It Still Looks adorable.

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Hachiko Has Found Another New Companion.

Some Say’s They Saw This Cat Visiting Here Often While Some Say’s They Didn’t see any cat here.

It Was Later Found That This Cat Was Put Here By The Owner To Gain Tourists Attraction.

No Matter What. It Still Looks Adorable