Hello, found this artist by the name of Tazmatic. He seems to create in his unique scribble, sketchy, ink splatter style (2pac/K. Lamar & M.Jackson) and Enerflo style (Chris Brown/Prince). I love the color, style, flow, and technique of these artists and it seems to be very interesting.

What also caught my attention other than his style? The original pieces are on Metal as you can see in the Prince and Chris brown portraits KRAZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!

More info: Instagram

“Dreams are REAL, Reality isn’t!” 2pac scribble by Tazmatic

“Graffiti Breezy” Enerflo By Tazmatic

“Purple Enerflo” by Tazmatic

“Truth hurts” by tazmatic

“Pop Art for a Pop King” By Tazmatic