“Since drawing political caricatures was proving to be a way to bring together friends and family from both sides of the political fence, much like a board game or card game can do for feuding families, the concept of melding the two was born, and the result is Playing Cards for Tiny Hands,” says artist, Eric Spray. Inspired by the spectacle that was the 2016 Presidential election, Spray became enamored with the creative outlet that the most recent election brought him. Sitting on his apartment living room floor while watching the volley of ridiculousness take place in the political debates, Spray couldn’t help himself… he grabbed his pencil and a sketchbook and began drawing the circus as he saw it playing out in his head.

Day after day, Spray turned on the news and began drawing a new hilarious, yet beautiful caricature of a different presidential candidate, public official, or world leader. Democrats, Republicans, Independents, it didn’t matter which side of the fence; he drew them all. As his apartment became overtaken by these sketches, he began sharing them out on Facebook to spread laughter among his friends during an otherwise heated time in the social media world. Instant hit. However, Spray’s fans saw even more potential yet, begging for this to be taken further, which lead him to create Playing Cards for Tiny Hands: satirical playing cards commemorating the 2016 election and Trump Administration.

Spray drew 65 sketches from which he chose 54 to end up in the deck; jokers included, of course. Averaging about 2 hours per sketch, Spray estimates the time spent on the artwork alone was around 130 hours. The cards have now launched as a Kickstarter project. The project goal is to bring in $9,410 worth of pledges in one month in order to make this product a reality. With less than two weeks left to go, help this artist reach his goal by making a pledge and reserving your decks now! They’re going to be YUUUGE!

More info: kickstarter.com

The man behind the art… well, here he’s in front of it, but you get the point

The BIGLY hysterical promotional video (Turn sound up!):