Toronto based Artist Shehrezade M.B gives us an inside look into the fascinating process behind her breathtaking multi-dimensional Resin Paintings in this short video.

As a child, Shehrezade constantly moved around the world and took to painting to comfort her from the instability in her life. In 2015, Shehrezade began experimenting with Resin, and by 2017 she developed her own signature style by taking on a highly charged, gestural approach to non-representational painting. She creates her work by manipulating Resin and Pigment through various chemical processes, using multiple layers of resin to create depth and dimension in her work.

Shehrezade’s paintings are fuelled by the conflict between chaos and control that emerges from her unconscious mind. She accords the highest importance to her process, which gives her the freedom to channel her inner impulses directly onto the canvas.

“When I’m painting, I’m usually in a semi-meditative, trance-like state. I tried to see if I could emulate that feeling through a video.”

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Work In Progress

Work In Progress

‘Khatoon’, from he Ayah Series

‘Reeta’, from the Ayah Series

Blue Abstract

India 02

Artist, Shehrezade M. B.

Resin Painting Compilation