For 4 years, Lauren has worked in Saudi Arabia as a critical care nurse. Despite working 12 hour shifts, she dedicates all her spare time to caring for sick, abandoned, and neglected cats and kittens in Riyadh.

When Lauren, a self-confessed animal lover, first moved to Riyadh she was shocked to see the large number of abandoned cats and kittens throughout the streets and within the residential compounds. She has cared for literally hundreds of cats over the past 4 years, whether it be rescuing injured cats from the streets or providing shelter and care for a mother cat delivering a litter of kittens. She has cared for many cats since birth, and has dedicated her time to finding suitable forever homes.

A regular client at the local vet clinic, she has spent an extraordinary amount of her own money on medical procedures and life-saving operations for the cats that so many other people have neglected or ignored.

It is now time for Lauren to leave Saudi Arabia, and sadly, she can not take all of her beloved cats with her. She has tried to rehome all her cats locally, but there are not enough people to take them all. The only hope for the remaining 30 cats is a rescue center in Canada. She has started the long process of transporting the cats, with the first group of 6 due to arrive tomorrow morning. It is an expensive process, but the thought of leaving any of her “babies” behind is devastating.

One day, she hopes to travel to Canada to visit the cats that have become a part of her extended family. These cats have already suffered so much, and they deserve a chance at happiness, and to live a long, safe and healthy life.

Lauren has set up a Gofundme page to assist with the cost of relocating these beautiful animals. If anyone would like to help, please visit:

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Vaccination records all ready for the Canada-bound cats!