Macnas is a spectacle and street performance company based in Galway, West of Ireland. They are famous for creating mind-blowing, interactive and unforgettable shows and parades that are something out of this planet. They travel all over the world and bring the joy and magic on a large scale with over 100 performers on each parade. They even performed for Barrack Obama once!

This year, the company celebrated their 30th birthday and crated something exceptionally bold and inspiring for their hometown: Galway. This Halloween spectacle called “The Savage Grace” brought over 50.000 people to the streets, including the president of Ireland, Michael D Higgins. Take a look at this beautiful vision turned into reality by Macnas Art Director – Noelline Kavanagh.

Galway was named The European Capital of Culture 2020 and we can see the reason why. This small city on the West of Ireland is always full of wonders.

All images were created by Galway-based photographer, Julia Dunin.


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Galway Community Circus stilt walkers with Galway Cathedral in the background. Photo by Julia Dunin

Baba Jaga, over 3m puppet was one of the key characters on the parade

You can find all kinds of wonders there: smoke & lights and amazing singers dressed as moon godnesses

Huge owl gracefully gliding over the crowd

Each of the main characters has a gtroop of beautiful side characters, dressed in most amazing costumes

You will find large scale platform with amazing mushroom instalation and “My Fellow Sponges” band playing some cool moon tunes

Galway Youth Ballet performers dressed as woolfs with illumination eyes engage with kids

The woolfs pack hunts the streets

Every single character in the parade has his own story and personality that was crafted by costume maker, make-up artist and choreographer

Huge puppet Baba Yaga which is a little bit scary, but turns out to be friendly

Little Baba Yagas enlightening the streets with their laterns

The army of bogyemans and gracefull creatures from fairland

Stilt walkers performing they graceful dance

..while The Moon Queen sings “Keep the Streets Empty for Me”

Dr Plague character walking on stilts and announces the parade coming with his wooden stick

Wolf pack characters…

… performers engaging with public

Some characters are straight from Lala Land

Wolf pack headpiece with eyes illuminating in yellow

Main wolf character, over 3 long and operated by 2 people

Spooky house with storyteller that could as well be straight from “Bettlejuice”

The Parade is accompanied by mysterious light and fog effects

Dr Plague looking down on you

The army of wandering phantoms

The lights and the colors in full spectrum

Each character has a story, each one of them can pull you in to their mysterious world

Parade is closing with the sound of drums and dark army of piromans