International Women’s Day on March 8th is a more special day than previous years because the whole world, as well as our country, are currently working together to fight the ncovid virus. The mothers are the most tired people because all of the students in Vietnam have to leave school for a long time for a safety guarantee. Mothers have to re-arrange their jobs to keep their children at home, which affects and disturbs their daily activities. Zinni, who is my Little Daughter, is one of the students that are on long-term leave. However, she is very creative during the holidays, as she likes to draw pictures, read books, create toys, learn how to play the guitar, etc. One of her favorite things is to watch movies and then to recreate the characters of the film.
 In these photos are the stories that Zinni plays as a princess with her mother. Zinni also has a passion for acting and posing in front of the camera, which makes it easy for me to take pictures of my daughter because it is not easy to take photos for a child at this age.

 Our purpose in teaching at home is to create lots of games for children and let them follow their dreams even if those dreams are not realistic. Parents should try to show the kids what they can do and lead them to be good characters in the story of their life and direct them to love beauty and good things.

Happy upcoming Women’s Day.

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