Polimind is a creative design startup based in Lisbon, Portugal. Co-founders Dusan Cvetkovic and Andreia Cabanas, both architects, are the creative minds behind these papercraft models. As passionate architects with a shared love for conceptual art, 3D models, interior decoration and puzzles, they joined forces with a vision to transform homes all around the world with their DIY papercraft designs.

These unique objects come in various sizes depending of the design, function and have also dozens of colors to choose from. Made from high quality durable paper (240gr-300gr), they are perfect for DIY and crafts fans as well as anyone interested in making their living area inspiring and alive. There is no age restriction, but a certain level of patience and coordination is definitely a plus. Polimind papercraft designs are intended for anyone.

All models are made from paper pieces that one gets to assemble similar to puzzles, but this time in 3D.

Polimind´s models can be pre-ordered on Indiegogo from March 15th to April 15th, where six of the models will be available with a discounted price and free shipping! There’s a couple of models to choose from: Dragon Head, World Map, Bow Tie, Owl Mocho, Dragon Body, Alien Osiris and the Statue.

More info: polimind.com

Dragon Head

We like dragons a lot. They appear everywhere, video games, TV shows, movies so we thought why not appear in your living room?! Dragon head has two color options and you can mount it easily using just a single nail on the wall or some custom back board of your choice.

Dragon Body

Imagine you could have a real baby dragon at home. This is the perfect opportunity and you get to build the dragon yourself! There are multiple options of mounting the model on the wall with different rotation angles. It’s possible to have the dragon just laying down on horizontal surface as well.

Mocho Package

Are you a night owl? Mocho certainly is and we are as well. He is one of our initial models and has a special place in Polimind’s collection. If there’s enough interest, he might even get a girlfriend in the future. We’re thinking about Hedwig from Harry Potter :)


The origin planet of Osiris is still unknown but he is desperately searching for a host family on Earth. Osiris can firmly stand on his feet or take a nap from time to time. There are two color codes (eyes and body).

World Map

This piece requires a wall surface of around 1m x 2m (3.2’ x 6.5’). It’s mounted on the wall in pieces by using double sided glue tape.


One of the most iconic neoclassical structures in the world. Located in New York, it was a gift from France to America in 1886. Idea behind this piece was to envision the statue through low poly filter, but keep its recognizable shape and posture.