It’s National Smile Month and these pooches are ready to get smiling! Check out these seriously cute pups and the reasons why you should be smiling right now!

WARNING: Contents of this post might be a little infectious. If affected remember to keep smiling!

More info:

1. Today is a brand new day!


2. There is always at least one person who loves you!

Image by: bittersparrow


3. Summer is coming!


4. There is an abundance of chocolate in the world!


5. You are alive. Be happy and live every moment!


6. You are wiser than you were yesterday!

Image by: bittersparrow


7. There is always someone there to help you when you need it.


8. You are unique. There is no one like you in the world!


9. There is a song that you are going to love being written right now!


10. You can be whoever you want to be. Let that be someone who smiles!


11. The world is full of good and bad. Focus on the good and let the bad wash over your head!

Image by: bittersparrow


12. The weekend is always coming.


13. There is a food for every feeling!


14. You have eyes. Look around and see the beautiful world around you!


15. Reach out to an old friend! Guaranteed smiles all round!


16. Someone is always having a worse day than you.


17. You can do whatever you want to do today! Go enjoy yourself!


18. Coffee. Do you need another reason to smile? Really?


19. You might meet the person who will change your life today.


20. The world needs more happy people. If you’re smiling right now, then you are one of them! Well done!


21. Dogs.