My name is Christine and I draw the posts on the insta account YeahItsChill featuring the inner me, Krysteen. I started the account in March of this year and it’s kind of taken off.

I aim to make my posts simple, honest, vulnerable, sometimes relatable and funny, and include topics I’d want to see discussed more.

Hope you can see yourself in some of these comics :)

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Really though, who preferred low rise jeans? Who invented them? Why?

I found a place to wear that dress guys, it was great

PSA: in case no one’s told ya, discharge is normal (unless you’ve noticed a change in smell/color/texture). Teenage me thought I was dying

My life

The struggle


My fav is low blood sugar model

Spoiler alert: I did not get carried :(

Summer in NYC for me

Not pictured: so much stress

(Also applicable to some of our trans brothers)

It’s not Maybelline

She was born cooler than me, plus the early 2000’s was a weird time for adolescence

All day, every day

*woop woop*

But seriously though