I’ve used my imagination and photoshop skills to make my living place more attractive and entertaining.

It was cloudy and rainy day in Palanga City. We decided to take a short walk to the beach. We took a camera in case we find good spots to make some photos… Well… We’ve found some. And it was unexpected…

Doesn’t matter, your city emty or not, I hope after those magical images you will use your imagination to have more fun.

More info: piplum.com

I’ve created gigantic ladybugs resting under the pine roots.

I’ve discovered abandoned houses in deep forests.

I’ve created magical blue flowers.

I’ve witnessed total silence in front of enormous size trees.

I’ve found ancient runes on the sand wall.

I’ve created strange sounds in the mist.

I’ve made scary monsters in the forest.

I’ve trusted moon as path finder.

I’ve found old ship waiting for lost sailors.

I’ve explored magical and shinning plants in the beach.

I’ve collected gigantic shells from the beach.