A new magazine has been launched, which ‘deals with red hair and everything related to it’. The publication, called MC1R, is the first of its type in the world.

Launched in Germany by 32-year-old Tristan Rodgers, it already has a readership of thousands across the world.

It is named after Melanocortin 1 Receptor, one of the key proteins in regulating pigment production which lead to red hair.

Tristan started it off as a photography project with a few friends, but he decided to see if there was enough interest to launch a magazine. “Redheads are one of the smallest minorities all over the world. In different cultures the people react on the way you look, so if you are white with freckles and bright red hair, you may polarize in first. But I don’t try to put a focus on discrimination or something like that, there is more to talk about and I think these kind of stories have been told wrongly enough with a lot of projects over the past.”

“There are a lot of things redheads have in common, for example the special way how people use the hair in art, fashion or photography and often redheads have this special kind of connection to this topic, so there is this special vibe the people have which I try to catch and reflect with this project.” Since launching the magazine, he has been part of numerous redhead festivals with a large community interested in his work.

Tristan, who lives in Hamburg, said: “The people connect more at festivals or with different kind of projects around the world and they share the experience they made with a lot of other people. Its a big positive hype right now and it’s cool for almost every redhead so see topics around our hair color on the media and everywhere else.”

More info: mc1r-magazine.com

Beautiful Theresa Genth by Fashion Photographer Jens Kaesemann

Another Lovely Photo with Theresa Genth

Germany’s Next Top Model Finalist Jana Heinisch

Linus Jasper’s Curly Occipital and Freckles

Cover Of the Second Issue of MC1R Magazine with Linus and Jana