Hi! My name is Alexander Khimushin. Eight years ago I packed my backpack to travel the world and I have been globe-trotting ever since.

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While travelling the world, I realised that people are the most amazing part of it. Especially in those remote places, where culture and traditions are still alive. There are hundreds of unique ethnic minorities in the world. However, due to globalisation, wars, racism and religious discrimination, many of these people are living on the edge. They are losing identity, language, traditions and, in some cases, facing total extinction.

Watching it all happening before my eyes I came up with an idea of the project The World In Faces. I wanted to show diversity of the world we are all living in by taking portraits of its incredible people. If we all realise how unique and amazing we, the people, are, we will care more about each other, be more tolerant to people of another ethnicity, religion and culture.

I have taken hundreds of portraits for this project within the last two years and plan to continue. My dream is to take portraits of people of all ethnic groups of the world.

More info: theworldinfaces.com | Facebook | Instagram

#1 Ixil Maya Girl

Ixil Maya Girl


John Jordan 2 years ago

You got me with this one!

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#3 Wakhi Woman

Wakhi Woman


Peter Murakami 12 months ago


#5 Bodi Tribe Man

Bodi Tribe Man


Joëlle JPa 2 years ago

love the blanket wrap!

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#8 Tsemay Tribe Girl

Tsemay Tribe Girl


Eloines 2 years ago

His ears are going out shopping

#10 Karo Tribe Woman

Karo Tribe Woman


karenza 2 years ago

strong old woman. love her l

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#11 Mursi Tribe Girl

Mursi Tribe Girl


Megan Flanagan 2 years ago

For the same reason we put braces on teeth,beauty.

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#14 Sahrawi Man

Sahrawi Man


karenza 2 years ago