As one family the human race is ever changing and multi faceted. This ongoing project explores the differences and similarities in the beauty that is everyday family life around the world. In viewing The Universal Family you will see a variety of home portraits, giving you a peak into people’s lives and intimate moments. There are those keeping to what they know as tradition and those challenging that status quo, but no matter the setting the common thread throughout the project is that our fundamental similarities as a family unit greatly outnumber our aesthetic differences.

The more and more I travel, the more I believe in true altruism and the fact that the majority of us just want to live in harmony with each other and our loved ones. We are all after the same goal so let’s not feed into the divide of our cultures and orientations but embrace one another’s differences, lead the ignorant to love, and remain one Universal Family.

After spending almost 10 years photographing families in the US, mostly focussing on multi-culture and same-gender, I realized the project was bigger than that and took the first step to bringing it global. These photos specifically were taken over a 3 month span of time touring India and 6 countries in Europe.

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Gilles, Marie, Eva, Bahia from Nice, France

Prateek & Gautam from New Delhi, India

Kanya Devi with husband Setan Rama and shy daughter Sanyata Devi from Village of Najam, India

Heleen, Renea, & Josie from Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Lorenzi family from Modena, Italy

The Bloem family from Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Maddox family and Oma from Bietigheim Baden, Germany

Luca, Silvia, & Chiara from Rome, Italy

The Brun family from Nice, France

Jérôme, Cécile, Théo and Charlotte from La Landeron, Switzerland

Ulrike, Sophia, & Louisa from Bietigheim Baden, Germany

Havva & Botan from Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Panday family from Paris, France

The Wrobel family from Warsaw, Poland

The Singh family from Modugno, Italy

The Veniero family from Palermo, Sicily

Cinthia, Mallika, & Famous from New Delhi, India

The Panunzio family from Molfetta, Italy

The Gallo family from Camporeale, Sicily

The Mathur family from New Delhi, India