Back in 2016, when we had just given away our first dog because he was mean and untrainable, my mom sparked the idea of getting a service dog.

I have Autism and ADHD as a disability so I said “yes.” We looked for nearby service dog centers in the area and found one. My parents pulled me out of school and took me to get food with my grandparents. Then we went to the service dog center. It was a small hunting place, and the parents of the dogs were showing them around from person to person, looking for someone to take them. Chopper likes to lick, and when he licked one dude, he didn’t like that, so he passed him up. Chopper saw me and my parents said we “clicked.” We eventually bought him and took him home.

Now, he is a great and loving service dog. He is the best dog ever. 

Chopper when I first met him

The first thing he did when I laid down on the living room floor was sitting on my face. I’m laughing just thinking about it. We trained him and he graduated the next year.

Chopper asking for attention

Right now, he’s a 4-year old Yellow Labrador English Type. English type means he is chunkier than the American breed. His favorite thing to do is playing with his toys and going for walks in the downtown of the city we live in.

“Jaxson, whhyyy did you wake me uppp”

And here is him now

This is him at the time of this writing. He’s so fat