“This could be Rotterdam, or anywhere, Liverpool, or Rome,” sang The Beautiful South. But as you can see from this amazing scaffolding staircase, there’s nowhere else quite like Rotterdam right now.

The company behind this awe-inspiring idea is MVRDV, a prolific design studio with no shortage of imagination…and no shortage of scaffolding either. They created the staircase as part of Rotterdam’s 75th anniversary to celebrate the city’s reconstruction after World War II, and it isn’t just for looking at because it’s a fully functional staircase. There’re 180 steps in total and they lead to the rooftop of the Groothandelsgebouw, a well-known monument in the centre of Rotterdam that offers fantastic panoramic views of the city.

Almost 8000 people visited the staircase on the first day alone, but if you want to see this amazing sight for yourself then you better hurry because it’ll only be there until June 12th. It’s open from 10AM to 10PM and admission is free, so what are you waiting for?

More info: MVRDV (h/t: designboom)