My name is Gaya Rudner Bornshtein and I’m an amateur nature photographer from Israel. Since I remember myself, I have loved spiders, insects, reptiles, etc. But what I liked most were jumping spiders. My love for macro photography and the spiders motivated me to buy a camera and a macro lens.

Unfortunately, many people are afraid of spiders even though few of them are dangerous to humans. To these people, I show pictures of jumping spiders, who are considered affectionate to other spiders. To their surprise instead of flinching, they find that they are actually very cute. This is how their fear is replaced by curiosity.

What are you waiting for? Ready to discover a little world that exists right under your nose?

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Thyene Imperialis (female)

Plexippus Paykulli (female) eats moth twice her size

Thyene Imperialis (male)

Just stretching

Lucas the spider

Thyene Imperialis (female) eats Thomisidae

Plexippus paykulli (male)

Baby jumper

Thyene Imperialis (male)

Plexippus Paykulli (male)

Adanson’s House Jumper (Hasarius adansoni) (male)

Plexippus paykulli (female)

Thyene Imperialis (male)


Zebra Spider (Salticus scenicus)

Adanson’s House Jumper (Hasarius adansoni) (female)