My name is Kianna Mist, I am a native American artist and my primary medium is watercolor. I am Narragansett Niantic and currently live in the foothills of New Hampshire.

I grew up in the coastal woodlands of Maine and have always been inspired by the beauty found in nature. I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember. For me, creativity is a healing and necessary practice. Apart from painting, I write music, poetry and short stories. I play guitar, piano, Native American Flute and enjoy floating on my neighborhood Lake, Mascoma.

I named my art business “Loon Song Traditions” in honor of Sister loon. The loon holds a lot of meaning for me. Whenever I’m struggling, low, angry, depressed and feel like there’s no way out, I think of the loon.

The first time I ever struggled with depression was in college, and I’ll never forget a dream I had. I was visited by the loon, and I heard her story. Even when she is down in the depths of the lake, and darkness surrounds her every move, she knows that she can still fly, and soar in the sunlight. I have to remind myself, even when the darkness is all-enveloping, and it is all that I see, I still have the ability to fly.

Painting is a way that I connect to my Loon Song, and continue to connect to the sky, even when I’m feeling down. Lately, my art has been heavily inspired by the night sky. I hope that you enjoy my creations and that their beauty can help you connect to your “Sky Within”.

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