There are 34 Provinces in China,I take my many time to collect and write,but now it’s not finishing!I’ll work hard.At first,I’ll show Scenery about Heilongjiang,Jilin,Liaoning,they located in northeast China,andBeijing,Hebei, Inner Mongolia
and Shanxi,they located in north china.Well,Let’s go!Hope you can see china through the post!!

One of the Heilongjiang’ s village

Jilin changbai mountain,the most beautiful place in the world

Liaoning Shenyang imperial palace,It is not only in Beijing

Liaolin, the Yalu River

The Old Summer Palace,1860 by the anglo-french allied forces in 1900 and coalition of garden yuanmingyuan, two looted and burned building relics were looted, miracle and mythological yuanmingyuan into ruins, only for people, deep dilapidated building.

天坛Temple of Heaven,In Beijing

Shanhai Pass,Hebei

Emperor Kangxi’s Summer Mountain Resort in Chengde Heibei

The Hulunbeir Grassland,Inner Mongolia.

Populus euphratica forest,Inner Mongolia.

Pingyao Ancient City,Shanxi