When I got back from one week in Togo, I had over 1000 pictures to review, edit and sort. I went there with an NGO called Cyclo Nord-Sud, which collects unused bikes in Québec (Canada) and ships them to developing countries, where they will live a second life.

One week is a very short period of time, too short to grasp the essence of a city, let alone a country. So apart from the portraits of the people who received the Cyclo Nord-Sud bikes, I didn’t really come back with a specific and personal series of photographs. Instead, I shot pretty much everything that caught my attention.

But as I was reviewing the images I brought back, something jumped at my eyes: the beauty of the women. Sure, during my stay, I had noticed that the women were very beautiful, but I hadn’t quite realized how much. It’s when I got lost in their gaze, in the deep looks they gave my camera as I was photographing them, that I saw them as they truly were: the forever proud pillars of their society.

I invite you to dive into the souls of some of the women I met along the way. Hopefully you’ll see the beauty I see, and maybe you’ll consider a trip to this small west African country.

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Mommy Coal

Dried, fried and smoked fish

Little Princess and her personal hairdressers

A student in Lome


Beauty queen

Road side cook

In the village of Foguegue

Warrior women in the village of Nyitakpo

Sassy girl






Mother and son


I got your back

Her favorite dress

Me and my mom

Young mother

Up from below


Road side snack vendors