Exploring this island is illegal. The city of Venice strictly forbids anyone from setting foot onto it. There are many rumors that it was the island where plague sufferers were taken to die, over the years piling up the body count to thousands. The most horrifying fact is that many of them were not infected, but still banished due to paranoia. This island is said to be one of the most haunted locations on Earth.

Venice was a city organized around maritime commerce. It took an extremely hard hit because of all the ships, people and cargo coming and going from all over the world to it’s ports.

After the first wave of the plague, three separate quarantine buildings were set up as a precautionary measure, so that the ill or the potentially ill could be moved further away from the city center. Poveglia was the first Island you would pass while trying to dock in Venice. That is why it was also used as a quarantine for boat passengers until 1814, when it was closed down. Supposedly more than 100,000 plague victims and mental patients were buried on this small island. For that reason, Poveglia is regarded as one of the most haunted locations on Earth.

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The Quarantine Island of Poveglia and Venice During the Black Plague