The Egyptian Vincent Van Gogh, Mousa, 46, is a gardener that works in Alexandria’s public parks.

“I spotted whilst walking through the streets of Alexandria. As soon as my eyes met him, I just couldn’t take them off of him. He was Vincent van Gogh”

I sat down with him and explained to him that he remarkably looks like a famous artist. I even showed him pictures of van Gogh. He was nervous at the start as he was never put in that situation before,When i then told him i would like to photograph his unique features, he became apprehensive and said, “Let it be another day so I can be dressed better and then you can photograph me.”

“It was like he was trying to politely decline – he seemed worried. So I did not pressure him and I went home for the day,”

i paid Mousa another visit in the garden a few days later where, once again, Mousa attempted to politely decline any photos being taken, but then agreed that it would just be a trial of a few shots. “When he saw the photos and liked them

-i managed to take over 200 photos in 15-20 minutes. It was easy and natural. After we were done, i told Mousa more about van Gogh and how amazing his Dutch counterpart was. How the person he looks like changed the world.

“I have never come across anyone in my life who abounds in such rich expressions at any given point in the day. He literally radiates warmth through emotion, and at times it’s exactly the same emotion we receive through portraits of Van Gogh,” .

I couldn’t believe that this man lived all 46 years of his life without a single person telling him that he looks like one of the world’s influential figures.

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