Imagine a town in a storybook. Got it? I have a good news for you! This town exists!

A month ago with some of my photographer friends we have visited Hallstatt in Austria. I saw some photos about it earlier, but I would have never thought there had been such a town. . Hallstatt is small… I mean… really small. It’s on the shores of lake Hallstatt. The houses are built on top of each other so you can walk different “town levels” with the help of many stairs. The whole town reminds me of a makett table. In some places the streets are extremly narrow, but there are no problems with that, I guess. Because of this (and many more reasons) the streets of Hallstatt have a very special atmosphere that I love!

We spent three days in Hallstatt and it’s surroundings. We climbed the nearby mountain from where we saw a breathtaking landscape and Hallstatt from above as well.

We had been afraid of the weather. The forecast said the weekend would be cloudy and bad. Fortunately, they were wrong, we had an amazing weather. Okey, sunrises and sunsets were foggy, it’s true, so we couldn’t take any photos but eventually we had a great weekend in the Austrian Alpines.

Let’s check Tamas Toth’s and my photos of this town. We hope you will like them! :)

Tamas’ facebook: @TTPixels

More info: Facebook

Almost the Whole Town (Photo: Benedek Lampert)

Classical Hallstatt (Photo: Tamas Toth)

From Above (Photo: Benedek Lampert)

Moody Street Photo by Night (Photo: Tamas Toth)

Actually… Every Streets are Unbelievably Moody! (Photo: Benedek Lampert)

That Houses! Amazing! (Photo: Tamas Toth)

Neighborhood (Photo: Benedek Lampert)

Just a Railway in the Alpines (Photo: Toth Tamas)

Empty Street (Photo: Benedek Lampert)

The View from Our Accomodation (Photo: Tamas Toth)

Hallstatt by Nigth (Photo: Benedek Lampert)

Incredible Landscape With Sun Halo (Photo: Tamas Toth)

The Art of The Nature (Photo: Benedek Lampert)

Majestic Slopes (Photo: Tamas Toth)

Morning on the Hilltop (Photo: Benedek Lampert)

Lake Hallstatt (Photo: Tamas Toth)

There isn’t too much Place, but the Locals are Really Creative! (Photo: Benedek Lampert)

Road to Top (Photo: Tamas Toth)

Breathtaking View from 5Fingres Viewpoint (Photo: Benedek Lampert)

Snow… Snow Everywhere! (Photo: Tamas Toth)

Just a Gateway. Like in the Tales. (Photo: Benedek Lampert)

Ski Paradise! (Photo: Tamas Toth)

Nature is Beautiful in Black and White As Well! (Photo: Benedek Lampert)

Infinity Distance (Photo: Tamas Toth)

Hallstatt (left down) and it’s Region (Photo: Benedek Lampert)

Alpines (Photo: Tamas Toth)

Would You Live Here? (Photo: Benedek Lampert)

A Lonely Pine Tree (Photo: Benedek Lampert)

Main Square (Photo: Benedek Lampert)

Austria is a Paradise for Train Spotters! (Photo: Benedek Lampert)

The Team (Akos Lorincz, Tamas Toth, Benedek Lampert, David Bacsa) Photo: Tamas Toth

Werkfilm About This Amazing Trip! In hungarian, but the landscapes and Hallastatt is really enjoyable without speaking too!