When I found out about him, his lifestyle made my heart warmer.  He is a 32 year old man who is living in Kirklareli, Turkey with over 500 animals.

When he went to visit his family in Babaeski, Kirklareli he saw the wretched animals. And on top of it they were eating trash from the wasteyard and struggling for life. He decided to help them but there were so many of them. And they all need help. He dropped out of the university because he dedicated his life to this noble cause.

Since 2006, he is living for them. He loves them, builds shelters, feeds them daily and heals their wounds. Also he is a vegan.

Please don’t think I’m overdrawing him. He is doing one of the greatest things in the world all alone. I’m hoping that makes you to want to help and support him.

More info: Facebook | Instagram | twitter.com

He loves them more than everything

He helps them heal

This little baby loves helmets

They love him

They are not alone anymore

He loves any kind of animal

With other volunteers

He got better

They became best friends

He and some of beautiful-minded people built little houses for dogs

Children love him and his angels