My husband being in the defense we are always on the move.To my luck when he was posted in Rajasthan,we visited the city of Jaipur and were thrilled by its ancient monuments,palaces,temples,step wells,etc.

Below are some glimpses of the beautiful palace of Amer situated in the outskirts of Jaipur.

Huge dome shaped structures and many sections which served different purposes.

Vintage architecture and pillars.Detailing that can only be dream in today’s world.

As this fort is placed on a hill,you can view the entire area and mountains surrounding the fort.In this picture you can even see the elephant processions that are a delight to the eyes.

These star shaped engraving in the walls were used by the Queens and the ladies of the palace to have a peek at the functions or activities that took place in the open area of the palace.

Sheesh Mahal or the Mirror Palace is the most beautiful part of this fort. This palace has been shown in many local movies. The walls and the ceilings in this palace are carved with beautiful flowers and other paintings made with glass.The queen of the fort used to love sleeping under the stars. It is said that ancient custom of the land did not allow women to sleep in open air. Thats when the King called upon the finest architects in the region to solve the problem. Thus, the mirror palace was built. It is said that if two candles are lit in the palace, it would look like thousands of stars .

Mughal Gardens have a beauty that cannot be tallied by simple gardens that you see around the country. This part is located on Maota Lake. This garden is located in front of the fort. The garden is formed in a star shape. It is said that saffron flowers were planted in the garden. As climatic conditions do not allow saffron plant to thrive in Jaipur now you can find beautiful flowering plants in the garden .