Food for free, accommodation for free, transport for free, luggage storage for free …. A dream? No! Welcome to Golden temple in Amritsar, the holiest place of Sikh religion.

Golden Temple in Amritsar is not only the holiest place of Sikhism in India, a place where Sikhs from allover India come for prays and take ritual baths in local holy lake. But! there is the largest “restaurant” I have ever seen and believe it or not, it is FOR FREE. Yes, you can hear me well, FOR FREE! For all the 100.000 people, that visit the place every single day.

For “restaurant” of such a size loads of volunteers are needed and a monster kitchen of course too.

So there is a really huge community kitchen with huge pots, huge chapatti machine, huge “sinks” …. simply huge everything.

I have seen a lot around food preparations around the world because of my project Authentic World Food, but this exceeded all my expectations.

More info:

The smallest pots I have seen in this kitchen :)

Video showing monster chapatti machine in action

Golden temple and local holy lake

Volunteers peeling potatoes

“Bo on the road” volunteering as an onion peeling “specialist” :)

Another “tiny” pots

Chapatti bakers

Bo on the road in the chapatti bakery

The end part of chapatti running belt

Ladies spreading ghee on chapattis

Chain of volunteers passing forward dirty dishes

Just a “common” way of washing the dishes

Dish washing area

Community dining hall

Accommodation nearby Golden temple

Pilgrims queuing to Golden temple

Green carpet spread all around Golden temple to keep your bare feet warm