They say laughter is the best form of medicine, and if that’s true, there is an artist who has the perfect prescription!

Tara Gamel is an artist from Arizona who has been creating humorous and thought provoking pieces for years.

At first glance, you may not notice the unique message behind her art, but when you read the titles, they will either make you laugh or make you think! She believes every artist has a voice inside of them that they want the world to hear. Tara believes it takes being vulnerable about who you are to paint whatever is going on inside. She loves it when people connect with her work and are able to relate it to something in their lives. Her work has been compared to the pop art of the 1980’s only with a modern twist. Tara has many collectible series of work, each with unique titles and themes. She will be inspired to paint a particular image and most of the time the meaning does not come to her intil it’s almost complete. She says she loves working that way because although it’s never easy, it’s always exciting! Her favorite moments are when she hears back from her viewers and they either have a story that relates to the image and title or they have their own interpretation of the meaning. Here are a few examples of her work. Her work is currently available to purchase directly through her web site.

More info:

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Social Security

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Tara Gamel