Hi, our name is Perito Burrito travel project (actually, Lena and Alex). We spent last year traveling the Balcans region and capturing amazing abandoned monuments with the quadcopter. All this monuments are dedicated to warriors of WWII, so we decided to commemorate this to May the 8th.

We did a digital special project and called it “The Guardians of the Balcans”.

“The story of these fascinating constructions is a paradox: they became the lone watchers of these beautiful lands. Most of them turned into hermits that now hide in seclusion from earthly concerns.

Many of monuments are located upon bare hills, national parks and villages of Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro. The howl

of the wind is particularly grim here and the only creatures

to witness the breathtaking beauty are starving dogs and occasional tourists, overwhelmed by what they see.”

More info: readymag.com