Life is all about seeking adventures, exploring the furthest edges of our planet and discovering new places. So when the opportunity to free dive plane wrecks in Tahiti comes along you just have to dive straight in!

I had the chance to explore the “3 Wrecks” site in Tahiti’s lagoon and recommend this experience to all the ocean lovers out there and anyone in need of adventure.

Tahiti the richest marine eco-system of reefs and wildlife, crystal-clear lagoons that abound with astonishing reef species and some of the best wreck dives in the world.

Definitely an amazing playground for free divers and spearfishermen….


Enjoy these photos and videos!

More info:

The “3 Wreck” site consists of 2 plane wrecks and a shipwreck…

The most spectacular wreck lies 25m deep. It’s a WWII Catalina twin engine seaplane which was scuttled in 1964

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The other 2 wrecks are a schooner and a Cessna aircraft.

The shipwreck begins at around -10m and descends to -25m

The Cessna lies 10m under water…

…and is easy to explore for divers who have a good breath-hold technique

Freediving the Cessna with my friend Aude