Teddy bears have always been my weakness. But when I saw those ones made by Russian artist Olga Belozerova I almost died of tender emotions!

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The craftswoman says that she has always loved making something with her own hands: it all started with the bead weaving at school and ended up by toymaking. Olga explains, ‘I can’t sit idle. I feel some kind of uncontainable happiness while crafting. All my toys are created with love and made to bring joy to their future owners.’

The sweet little things are made of handpainted viscose and stuffed with wood cuttings. Usually the toys are about 22 cm high. Their paws and heads can move so they will nod and take your hand if they like you. But look at their bellies! All of them are decorated with unique delicate embroidered patterns.

I hope you’ll fall in love with them just as I did!

More info: livemaster.com