Needless to say, high school not only gives you academic knowledge, but also forms a great deal of who you are. Understanding that, Stephen Doyle, Creative Director at Doyle Partners, applied typographic anamorphism to create indoor illusions in two high schools in NY. The series entail large scale prints of important characteristics that are vital in the development of a young character.

Don’t be mistaken – the pictures are not photoshoped, this is actually what the words look like in the hallways and gyms! When viewed from a specific point of view, they make a clear word that gets distorted once you move. The objective of the project was to infiltrate the school grounds with traits like Zest, Grit, Curiosity, Optimism, Gratitude and Self-Control, illustrating that they’re no less important than text books or labs. Even the New York Times ran a story about this innovative idea!

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