Teaching students is no easy feat, you have to continue to think of different ways to make your lectures interesting, and the majority of those who attend your classes have no real interest in learning anything at all. Basically, being a teacher is one of the most difficult professions out there, and yet somehow it still manages to be one of the most fulfilling career paths one can choose. There’s just an unparalleled feeling you get from having a beautiful relationship with your students who respect what you do and are keen to learn more.

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Recently one student decided to write a message to their math teacher

In their message, they shared a funny image that proves correlation does not equal causation with a hilarious twist – comparing Nicolas Cage movies and the number of people who drowned by falling into a pool. The student who sent those messages also explained why he chose to contact his professor after all this time:
“I messaged one of my former professors this morning, with a meme I thought he’d get a kick out of…I hadn’t talked to him since I was in his class, so I never got to tell him that he was a badass teacher.

I wasn’t expecting a response, but the one I got, made me smile – I don’t even care if he was just being nice. :) (It did make me sad to learn that he’s not teaching anymore, though).

Moral of the post: if you think a teacher did an awesome job, tell them – they don’t get the props they deserve, nearly often enough.

Everybody should get commendations when they’re a badass at their profession – especially teachers – it’s a hard job to be great at.”

Here’s how the statistic actually looks

A page called Spurious Correlations enjoys sharing similar hilarious graphics

People really enjoyed the idea of staying in touch with your favorite teachers