Taxi Fabric is a project dedicated to creating a space for designers to show off their ideas and talent over 8 meters of canvas installed inside taxis in Mumbai, India.

The original idea for my artwork that is titled “A Century Of Revolt” was to do a fresco inspired piece around the Indian independence, I thought of dedicating it to those I admire for the courage and strength to carry on a war for freedom, for over 100 years – the freedom fighters. I wanted to show them floating hand-in-hand in a utopian scene of a free India that they must have dreamt of when they took it upon themselves to fight for it.

Mohammed Sattar, the 42-year-old taxi driver whose vehicle was chosen as the canvas for my artwork said, “The artwork makes me proud. Not just that, it is a symbol to remember all those who gave their lives for our independence. And, I think it is important that their memory is kept alive.”

More info:

Me in a taxi

fresco on the ceiling

Mohammed Sattar, the driver of the taxi

India, the golden bird as it was called