The last art class I had was high school, 1977. I learn by doing. I have a bird feeder in the yard and a nice camera, so I took a bunch of pictures to use to paint from. My father wanted me to paint ¨Girl with the Pearl Earring¨. After finishing that I thought I would do my own take on it, thanks to the movie

I hope this is ok.

It’s about how there cant be beauty without ugly. LIfe without death. About how we make some beauty surreal, something that no one can live up to. There are thorns in roses, that grow from the death of other living things.

Cardinals in winter

Mr. and Mrs

The same Robin in two poses

A nice composite

Learning from masters

A homage. Vermeer used many of the same props in many paintings. The pitcher, sideboard and cloths. In the Milkmaid he shows a nail in the wall, so I added it here

I make my own frames.