You use your coffee table everyday. Why not at least make it a pretty sight? Using an inlay furniture stencil kit you can upgrade your ordinary Ikea coffee table into a beautiful statement piece!

More info:

Stencilling kit used used for this project. Don’t forget spray adhesive to avoid seepage!

Basic Ikea lack table needed for the project – you can use any colour you like

First of all – measure the centre of the table using a tape measure, this way your pattern will look centred

Layout your stencils to find a perfect combination and mark them with some chalk


You can even tape out some portions of the stencil to make your own design


You can always fill in empty spots later

Stencilling corners might seem as the hardest part…

…but you’ll only need a T-square ruler to make it straight and even!


Don’t worry if the edge of the stencil hangs off the table – this will make your pattern unique

For larger areas you can use a professional stencil brush or a simple foam roller – whatever works best for you!


Peel back your stencil to reveal a gorgeous design

To protect your new table use two coats of water-based polyurethane – it will minimise the damage from scratches and spills

Use two thick coats of polyurethane with a wood finishing pad – make sure there’s no bubbles or bumps


After resting it for 24 hours – Voila! Your new, one of a kind coffee table

Check this video to see the work in progress