Here are some of my favorite photos from Taiwan at night.

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Banquiao District

You wont find many tourist frequenting this area since it’s a dense part of the city mostly reserved for residential/commercial high rises. Luckily I worked over here for a short time, otherwise I would have never known about the interesting spots to shoot here.

Dongmen Lanterns

I took this shot outside of a restaurant after asking the waiter to kindly pose for me. Taipei is full of places with nice lanterns lighting up at night. It’s great if you wish to capture the quintessential Asian vibe.

Taipei City Hall Station

Every roof-topper likes getting on top of the buildings here and capturing the neon vibes of the city. This is one of my favorite places to do it.

Taitung City

Taitung is a truly special place. It’s a quiet town that lends convenient access to both beautiful beaches and stunning mountains. The dream of every Taipei person is to get rich and retire there.


Maokong lets visitors enjoy the peace of the mountains without leaving the convenience of the city.

Taipei 101

This has been crowned the world’s most ‘evil building’ on Reddit for its ominous colors at night and overbearing robotic stature. It’s a gem to shoot at night (even if it’s evil).

Kenting Night Market

Kenting is a popular tourist spot for people in the spring time as the weather warms up and its beautiful beach waters welcome them. The night market here is full of surprises and unique dishes.

Bishanyan Kaizhang Shengwang Temple

The name is a mouthful I know. This Temple in Neihu is a favorite among local photographers because of the way the lines of the city lead up to it’s most dense part.

Chi Nan Temple

Here is another favorite for capturing night vibes of the city. I love coming here to relax and get away from the chaos of the city and in my life.


Jiufen is an old mining town that used to be occupied by the Japanese. Now it rests peacefully near the ocean and lights up beautifully at night.