Within the narratives of my paintings I pour in rich feelings of deep personal humility, my experiences with life’s big questions depicted with photo-surrealist imagery staged within a timeless backdrop of sublime nature.

My paintings will be presented in a solo exhibition called “Beasts of Arcadia”. It will be held in Jonathan Levine Gallery, New York, September 12 – October 10, 2015.

More info: joelrea.com.au


Oil on canvas, 2015
92 x 122cm

Star Catchers

Oil on canvas, 2014
150 x 100cm

The Other Side

Oil on canvas, 2014
180 x 122cm

Elevation | Conquest

Oil on canvas, 2014
70 x 91cm | 92 x 122cm

The Promised Land

Oil on canvas, 2015
214 x 145cm

The Precision Of Luck

Oil on canvas, 2015
122 x 92cm


Oil on canvas, 2015
82 x 100cm