"Everything you can imagine is real" by Pablo Picasso is a quote which describes my work best and is in my mind when I'm thinking about new concepts. I try to paint my own dreamworld through the images that I combine in an unexpected and uniquely way to surrealistic photo manipulations. I want to show the people that everything is possible and could be real if you can imagine it.

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It was a long way where I learned everything that I knew about Photoshop today myself.

I was always interested in photography and arts. In November 2015 I bought my first camera and also used Photoshop/Lightroom the first time to edit some simple pictures of a forest near my hometown. I played around with the different tools. Already there I noticed that I don't wanted to edit the pictures in a way you can see it everywhere on the internet. I had an eye for details and I wanted to make something unique. So I learned a few things with youtube tutorials, made my first edits and uploaded them on 500px. I get a good feedback so I was very motivated to learn more and spent hours learning from tutorials and practicing new things.

In the spring 2016 I started uploading my pictures on Instagram and also got a big passion for nightphotography there. I discovered new photographers and artists that inspired me to try new things. I knew how to combine different images into one and mixed my night shots with pictures that I had taken during the day. It was pure fascination about surrealism and what I could create with my own pictures.

In July 2016 I took part in a contest where you should edit pictures provided by a photographer and I made an edit where I combined some of the pictures. It was the first time I didn't used my own pictures for an edit. I didn't won the contest but since that I wanted to be better and wanted to create and learn more. I started using stock images too then and challenged myself to create a new creative edit everyday. At that time I had the dream to have the opportunity to work for big companies and brands sometimes.

Today one of the most important things for me is to have an unique idea that I can bring to life through my artworks and also to improve my skills in using Photoshop. I've never expected to get there where I am now or to create artworks for companies like Adobe or Puma sometimes. So dreams can come true if you're ready to work for them.

More info: jstnptrs.myportfolio.com | Instagram | behance.net | Facebook | twitter.com

#1 Moonwhale



Brian Mcculloch Glasgow 11 months ago

love the creativity

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#2 Two Worlds

Two Worlds


Shubham Marathe 11 months ago

I like this one the most. :D

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#4 Whale In Fog

Whale In Fog


The Cappy 11 months ago

Put some eyes on that, and it's a monster slug :)

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#5 Canyon Beach

Canyon Beach


Miriam L 11 months ago

This is almost convincingly real... the people a tad larger or the cliffs a bit less magnified, and I would totally believe this could be a real location.

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#6 Safari



Janine Randall 11 months ago


#7 Carousel



Ged Maybury 11 months ago

Yup, I'd so go on that! NOT.

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#9 Moon Fascination

Moon Fascination


Ally Swarrow 11 months ago


#10 Mars Safari

Mars Safari


Brian Mcculloch Glasgow 11 months ago

Wow, no words no explain that how much beautiful art is it?

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