Berlin based artist Pierre Schmidt (aka drømsjel) moves between the traditional and the digital, getting into a world full of fantasy surrounded by creatures from another place and time. He manages to take the viewer to a different world throughout the course of his personal creative universe.

Using a range of techniques, from juxtaposition or collage to photo manipulation, he creates outstanding pieces that guide us to our most subconscious phases. At the beginning of the creative process, he doesn’t have any formed idea. He comes up with the first images, leaves others aside, and while the work flows he finds out unexpected associations that lead to a definitive new concept.

His sketches are free and intuitive, overlapping vintage photography with illustrations. When it comes to inspiration, he draws it from classical and death metal music, film moods – such as the enigmatic ones by David Lynch – or theories by German philosophers of the 19th century, like Nietzsche or Hegel. By mixing up and blending all these references, the result becomes a unique language within his artwork.

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