Lancashire-based artist Michael Ashcroft gave up a career in engineering after having an operation for a brain tumour. He decided to follow his passion for art and painting and has never looked back.

Michael is showing more than 30 paintings of Manchester pubs and streetscapes, which have never been seen together before, at the independent art gallery Contemporary Six.

A master of landscape and cityscape in oils, Michael’s truthful style has captured the heart of this city and its art-lovers.

His familiar Northern scenes, such as wet roads at dusk, raddled pub facades, and landmarks in the afternoon sun, are painted to celebrate the bustling and beautiful nature of Manchester to residents and visitors alike.

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After glow, Deansgate, Manchester

Circus Tavern 1790, Manchester

Manchester G-Mex

Night and Day, Manchester

The Smithfield Tavern, Manchester

This is Manchester