Kaija Straumanis, a U.S.-based photographer and grad student, has gone viral with a funny and light-hearted set of self-portrait images that capture various random objects as they collide gracefully with her head.

Perhaps the best thing about the images is that they’re pulled off so well. Each picture captures the exact moment of impact, and despite her mashed-up face and flailing hair and glasses, her eyes remain impressively focused. Her stoic gaze is all the more impressive considering that a few of these photos must have hurt at least a little bit.

The photos also seem like visual representations of epiphanies – that moment when an idea or realization hits you like a ton of bricks (or a boot or a kickball). According to her Flickr, some of the images have ideas behind them – the ice scraper, for example, is the sudden realization that the beautiful fall colors of the trees around her signal the onset of winter.

Judging by her photostream, Straumanis is fairly well-traveled, and has quite a few more interesting self-portraits and travel photos as well. Indeed, these “collision” self-portraits are only a small part of the photographing experimentation that she has undertaken, so be sure to check out the rest of her work as well!

Source: Flickr | Etsy | Society 6 (via: mymodernmet)